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cheat PB : hack wall point blank

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Download Wall Hack Cheat Newest Point Blank - Wall Hack Cheat Point Blank is a trick used to see the enemy without a visible enemy, more or less function could make the opposite buttock so, and this is a Sotware or software is PC Cheat Point Blank.By the way using Cheat Wallhack Point Blank, we could see without being seen lawat opponent.

How do I use Point Blank Wall hack, see the steps:1. Download Cheatnya DOWNLOAD HERE2. Open the results Download Wall Hack Cheat Point Blank earlier.3. then extract it to Desktop4. After that click on pb_wallhack.exe will come out like the picture below.

Then open the Point Blank Online Game To Select Server that you want (the first entry kalijangan first)• Type the number 3 wait 4 seconds• Type the number 8 wait 3 seconds• Type the number 7 wait 1 second straight quickly type the numbers 1,2,3.• If successful you must center the + (plus)

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