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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Now I will share my experience in cheating in this game, this is one way to cheat the conventional or practically already there are many ways you can do to hack the game, but I chose the simplest way is most easily understood. But to do the hack in this game you have to prepare many facebook account, just in case.TOOLS-TOOLS used are:1. Web Browser, can use any web browser, but it is recommended to use Opera, I use the opera itself was at the time of making this tutor.2. Windows Packet Editor (WPE). Download here3. Turn off your firewall.4. Facebook account at least 5 accounts for the multilevel transfer.
* It is recommended not to open another tab in the browser when playing games, use only 1 tab, because too many tabs to create a package that in-log more and more, this will hinder you in finding the package.Fine, I will begin tutoring.1.First log into facebook and go to the poker application.

2. Go into a room and mainlah as usual.3. Open WPE program that has been prepared, and then attach to opera.exe, then click the Start Logging

4. Play the game as usual, win or lose does not matter.5. When you lose or win and gain or lose money, right back to WPE and then check the data packets that have been recorded.6. Now, diligent, industrious aja pelototin existing packages, pull and hold down until its plasticity SEND Function packages continue to exist containing package% xt% updateChips%, now select the package, and hold right click and select Send.

7. Now adjust your chips on the packet data to the browser, the packet of chips you have data before updated and seesudah updated (the circled part), you can replace it as you wish. (Do not be too large because we will use the timer method.)

8. Select the method Send Continously, then Timer between 500 1000 milliseconds. in the example above I would replace with just 99,000 chips, but make no mistake, because it uses the timer method, then I will be requesting the server to deliver chips as much as 99,000 for second.9. After a while, you'll see your chips is updated directly from the server, this money was pure and can be used because it is server side.

10. Okay, the struggle has not finished, it's time mengjindari logging from the server. If you are a hacker of course you are familiar with this. you certainly would not expose yourself to the illegal money that will be seen by the server.For that is multilevel transfer, to avoid transaction logging with the deceptive transaction database, a simple but quite powerful.However, this method should not be done in one day, because it will be in vain.That requires some accounts FB, here I use 5 accounts.Account A: Original AccountAccount B: Accounts umbalC Account: Account umbalD Account: Account umbalE Account: Account umbalThe following organization namely to facilitate :
Okay, a long tutors.Hopefully useful.

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